Monday, November 2, 2015

On a personal note - Freelancing, Novel, Wedding, and Moving

There are a few big personal developments for me. I'm going to be moving to Portland, Oregon at the beginning of January and getting married at the end of February. In addition, while I've been putting the finishing touches on my first novel, I've started to do some freelance writing for different outlets.

Some of my drug policy reporting and analysis is already being featured at Massroots. Two of my articles are currently on their blog:

Five of marijuana reform’s biggest opponents

Bernie Sanders wants to end federal marijuana prohibition

As a result of all this, my futurist posts here will be a little light for the next few months, but if your organization is interested in hiring me for freelance writing or consulting, please let me know. Similarly, if you have any suggestions, ideas, hints, or opportunities for me when I get to Portland, please send them along.

Thanks for your support.

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