Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An actually great idea from Donald Trump

Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (cropped)
There is a new idea from Donald Trump I think everyone across the political spectrum should get behind. He is planning to announce his potential cabinet picks at the convention. I honestly hope Trump does and this sets a precedent for all future presidential candidates.

The simple fact is that the main job of the president is to run the executive branch. That is where a presidency tends to have the biggest impact. However, deciding most of the nitty gritty details around new government rules, regulations, and enforcement is frequently delegated to the cabinet. The president simply has only so much time in a day.

A candidate's campaign promises and broad statements of principle on the stump may give you some idea of how they may set new regulations around coal emissions or spectrum rules, but knowing their cabinet picks can potentially be much more informative. If Trump were to select Chris Christie or Rand Paul as his attorney general, that would tell me way more about his administration's likely approach to marijuana policy than any of his vague answers so far.

I'm all for an informed electorate. The more information, the better. If candidates announced their likely cabinet picks before the election, it would be the biggest increase in useful information for the electorate in modern politics. It is maybe the one Trump idea I can honestly get behind and hope changes the future.

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