Monday, February 23, 2015


I've always loved futurology, technology, science fiction and policy, so I decided to take this opportunity to launch this personal project to indulge these obsessions.

I'm the author of After Legalization: understanding the future of marijuana policy and was until recently the senior policy analyst at Firedoglake. As a result of FDL running into financial difficulties I'm now looking for a new professional opportunities, but being a compulsive writer with an inflated sense that people care what I have to say, I can't just stop blogging. So I'm going to use this moment of freedom to write about the incredibly nerdy things I love but didn't get a chance to cover in detail before.

My intention is that if you want to know what new scientific developments mean, what they could mean for the entire trajectory of human evolution, or just how they will change the petty fights in your local city council meetings, this will be the site for you.


  1. After weeks of searching FDL in vain for your byline, I finally voyaged out into the interwebs to track you down. You are simply the best writer on the internet about health policy and many other topics and your insights are sorely missed! I would love to see you get hired as a columnist at a major paper, though I suspect your brutally honest chronicle of the fiasco that is Obamacare will hurt your chances, which is infuriating, because you were proven right while almost everyone else was proven wrong. I'll bookmark the new blog but I'm really hoping you get an ongoing paid gig soon. When I think of the smartest writers on the web, I think of Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept, Thomas Frank at Salon, Frank Rich at New York, and Jon Walker at...?